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As we announced in the Fall, the learning management system we used for iCollege moved to the cloud and is now on a continuous update delivery system.  This means that iCollege will be getting small improvements on a monthly basis.   Our first update will happen on January 25. This month’s new features include improved interfaces for Assignments and Rubrics.

Assignments – Improvements to Assignments List view

When accessing Assignments, the list view now displays updated information. Instructors will see the assignment name, the number of students who have completed the assignment, the number of students who have been evaluated, the number of students who have had feedback published, and the Due Date. This allows instructors to quickly determine what assignments they need to evaluate, how far along they are with their evaluations, and if they have published the evaluations.

Students will also have an updated view of the assignments list, and are now able to see the assignment name, the Completion Status (Not Submitted, Submitted, Completed), their Score, The Evaluation Status (Not yet evaluated, Feedback: unread, Feedback: read), and the Due Date. This change to the list view allows students to easily locate unfinished assignments, as well as access their scores and view instructor feedback on their work.


Rubrics – Improved rubric creation experience

To improve on the new rubric creation experience, rubric creation has been changed to a single-page workflow. Clicking New in the Rubrics tool immediately brings the user to the rubric authoring page. In addition, the previous Rubric Tool options Properties and Levels and Criteria are now condensed into a single Edit option when editing an existing rubric.

Figure: The new rubric creation experience in the single page format.

Figure: The new Edit Rubric Tool option, replacing Properties and Levels and Criteria.

The new Assignment and Rubric interface will be available after the January 25th update. Instructors and students will be asked to opt-in to or opt-out of the new interfaceThere are a couple of new opt-in features that instructors and learners can begin using IMMEDIATELY. Both Assignments and Rubrics have improved interfaces that you will be asked to opt-in to or opt-out of the first time you access these tools after the update. the first time they access the tools.