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Meet Tiffany. Her secret powers include super stealth and being in 8 places at once. Ok, not really but she is a super connecter that knows those folks…and those folks…and those folks!     

So what does the Learning Community Development team do?

Tiffany and her team exist to help build community within GSU and between GSU and the wider community. At GSU, Tiffany works to build bridges between the CETL and university departments. As a community emissary, she connects university departments to the rest of the world. Overall, the Learning Community Development team is all about finding and minding the gaps.

Can you give me some examples?

Absolutely! First, check out some of the awesome work that Tiffany and her folks have done with the Digital Learners to Leaders program:


Second, enjoy some of the insights from Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette, just one of many speakers that the team has hosted at the CETL:


Why should I care?

Administrators and faculty have a variety of opportunities to collaborate with Tiffany and her team at the CETL. For instance, would you like to:

  • Partner on a grant? The learning community development team is constantly on the lookout to connect with excited GSU grant partners. If you’ve been eyeing a grant related to instruction, technology, or online teaching, this one’s for you!
  • Share your passion for social change? Opportunities abound to speak at the Teaching for Social Justice and Democracy Speaker Series. In addition, look out for forthcoming CETL-sponsored individual and departmental social justice awards.
  • Do something else that tears down silos and builds community? Do you have a fabulous idea that involves forging connections either within GSU or with Atlanta? Get in touch!

How can I get for more information?

If you’d like to talk with Tiffany and her team, you can email her at You might also be interested in exploring the Digital Learners to Leaders program more deeply or in registering for our next speaker series talk, Transgender Identities and Inclusivity in College Classrooms with Dr. Maura Ryan. Also check out PantherHackers, a Learning Community Development team-incubated coding group that partners with the Atlanta tech community.