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So let’s say that you teach an awesome undergraduate course at GSU. Your students are doing well, your evaluations are decent, and your Dean is pretty happy with your performance. However, you still have a small, persistent itch in the back of your mind: What if I could do something different? What differentiates my course from the ten billion other introductory accounting or biology or psychology courses? Well, here in the CETL we believe that one way to achieve this unique flavor is by embedding your course in the local.

For our third and penultimate Inspired By Design trip we’ll be exploring the Atlanta History Center on Friday, November 4th from 10am-12pm. Going along with our emphasis on the local, this trip will have a special emphasis on the year-long Atlanta in 50 Objects exhibit. On our journey we’ll consider how design choices affect the local personality of this space and how you could apply these thoughts to your own course designs. Afterward, we’ll meet up at a local spot for discussion and lunch. Space is limited so sign up now.

We look forward to seeing you!