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So, you just had the most amazing assignments turned in from your students, and you’re proud of your effort and want to show them off – what do you do? In the far-removed past, you may hire a barker to scream about it around ye olde village, or perhaps provide patronage to a world-class painter to adorn your ceiling with the results, or even a bard could pen an epic adventure about the travails your students endured in so accomplishing their tasks.

However, now that we live in the future, we have tools that allow you simple and direct ways to get your students, and you as well, the recognition you deserve. Enter Edge.

Edge is a site devoted to showcasing student talent, and the assignments that faculty to create that stretch the imagination and scholarly experimentation that the 21st century demands of students. It is the future of the future, living in the present, and you won’t even need 4D glasses to see it, ya dig? ….and now, it’s live.

We love seeing what amazing things our faculty and students can do together. Be a part of it, and let all of us revel in the amazing things you and your students are doing together too.