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Edge-Logo-Test-v2-01-2g7nyw1-x7vt1vIn collaboration with the Honors College, CETL is very happy to announce Edge, a new online magazine highlighting innovative student work and the faculty that inspire that. We’re just wrapping up construction of the site for its initial launch in September, but are currently looking for contributions from you. If you have challenged your students with a creative project, and found that they exceeded your expectations, we are interested. If you were surprised at the level of insight that was presented in ways you never thought possible, we are interested. If you were looking for a standard MLA paper, and received an interactive interpretive data analytics dance javascript to a self-composed score, we are most certainly interested (and probably a little bit confused too). YES! We are interested in your assignments and how your students interpret them! So, stop by Edge, submit your student’s work, and check out what the faculty and students of GSU are doing together to give us a preview of the future of higher education!