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Last summer the CII’s instructional design team moved from Library South to the fourth floor of the Aderhold Learning Center. While we’ve enjoyed the proximity to the many tasty restaurants on Broad Street we are happy to announce that we will be moving back next week.

Why move in the first place?

The old CII offices also known to some as the Exchange was a place for faulty to come and meet with instructional designers and support staff. There were a lot of (and still are) great things about the CII but to be blunt the physical space was limiting. The bland, windowless, and sometimes cramped room wasn’t a space that matched the creativity and energy of the ideas or the staff and faculty working there.

If you’ve been on the first floor of Library South you’ve probably noticed a lot of construction going on. The old CII and Technology Service Desk offices have been demolished to make way for one of the coolest spaces on campus.

Why are we excited?

The new space has been vastly upgraded from the old CII. The design incorporates an open floor plan with lots of light “new windows!” and thoughtful color choices. There will be multiple computer stations that you can come in and use. If you want to bring your own technology or work old school there will be seating areas throughout the space. Like the old CII you can still checkout equipment and use the recording studio. Unlike the old CII the recording studio is no longer an empty closet. We now have two audio recording studios and a video recording studio filled to the brim with cool technology. There is also a classroom that can be checked out and used for giving talks, testing out technology, really whatever you can imagine.

The new space will also house the majority of the CII in one place. This means instructional technologists, instructional designers, systems engineers, multimedia designers, and more. With so many awesome people in a space that’s super freaking cool it’s hard not to be excited.

The space is still under construction but we snuck in to take some pictures.


Across from our two audio recording studios is this awesome room.


That’s a good looking ceiling


My desk will be the one covered in Star Wars stuff

Front door and area for faculty computers/workstations

Front door and area for faculty computers/workstations


You know you want to come visit and find out what this is a picture of


The classroom walls are glass and can rotate open