Group Meeting (11-8-2016)

During this meeting, we edited poster design and discussed the plan to finish this project.


  1. Have all the information on the posters, ready to edit, by Thanksgiving Break (during this time the information will be organized into the pre-decided layout)
  2. During/Post Thanksgiving we will curate a packet prioritizing the following information:
    1. Login for Piktochart
    2. Information Regarding printing, including suggested locations for the posters
    3. A source guide in order to allow rotating themes– if they desire to do so– or to create information to prepare staff members for the potential questions/events that members may encounter.


  • I believe that our current progress is strong for the project, and I look forward to presenting the final product.

Pitch Presentation Reflection

We presented the very first– Not the first of the day or of our presentation type, but the first presentation period. Needless to say, it was nerve racking.

However, I have to say I really loved a lot of our presentation. We each did separate presentation pieces and pitches, but I feel that our presentation was smooth. The only thing I would change about our presentation is allowing more continuity in the PowerPoint style. Between the four of us, there was drastically different proficiency in PowerPoint design. Some slides were too wordy or had pictures that didn’t make the most efficient display of information.

However, it was clear that we really cared for this project and wanted to please the company and its residents. I enjoyed how we each remained friendly and informed– we know who was going to cover what information.

Unfortunately, we finished our presentation review without any concrete information for the end project. It seems that we did an overly good job, as they had no idea what to prioritize or what they needed at this point. Of course, they are discussing and deliberating their options and visions.

From the presentation, I actually gained inspiration for a project I really want to do for them– signage. It was a passing idea that really has picked up steam among our group, but we don’t want to pursue a project without approval.

Overall, I think this was a great way to communicate our project inspirations to our clients. It made me feel more personally involved in this project and more comfortable with our relationship to the client.


If needed, review my personal work log to see the details I focused on for the presentation.

Pitch Notes

Rhetorical Situation: Pitch

  1. Author
    • You
      • Professional
      • Informed
      • Interested, engaged with topic and audience
      • Responsive to feedback
      • Student (understood learning Curve)
  2. Purpose
    • Client Approval
    • Client Feedback/critique
    • Client expecatation clarification or confirmation
    • Building group cohesion
    • Sell your work/ideas
    • Learning to give presentations
    • Working through process with client
    • Learn to take critique effectively
  3. Audience
    • Clients
      • Non Profit Representatives
      • Audience for deliverable(s)
      • End Users
    • Dr. Wharton
    • Peers
  4. Arrangement
    • Slides
      • Each Presenter in the group has a max of 5 Minutes
      • No more than 30 seconds a slide
      • 5-10 (max) slides
      • Think about your message beyond written information
      • Could do a group-wide presentation
  5. Grading/Review Focus
    • Quality of Presentation Values
      • Deliverable
      • Visual
      • Vocal

Primary Meeting 9-13-16

Project Topic: Best Practices of Safety for Shelter (Particularly in relation to the renovation of the Shelter)

  • Focus on the current and new practices for shelters/group care facilities.
  • Layout correlation to safety
  • Security concerns
  • Most activity is at night (most employees and when families are in the shelters)
  • Downtown; keeping privacy with window location,ect
  • Correlation of mental safety and surrounding environment
    • Could cause irritation, leading to potential aggression

Building Layout:

  • Floor One:
    • Sign in lobby with waiting area.
    • Direct entrance to stairs and to dining area
    • Child Care and Education Facility.
    • Storage and offices
  • Floor two:
    • 18 Rooms
      • One family each room
      • Lockable
      • Windows in each room
      • Closet space
      • Counter space
      • similar to old dorm style
    • Communal Bathrooms
      • similar to old dorm style, as well
      • showers, sinks, ect
      • separate room with tub for children
      • Communal living area
      • Couches
      • bright light
  • Shelter Staff Offices