Midterm Meeting Notes

Our House Project Q&A: With this section, I felt the most lost before this meeting. Every other group seems to have a very clear idea of what they’re doing– and actively working on those deliverables. I was worried that we may not have control over what we can do in a short time frame.

  1. “Our Client still has not responded with a direction for our deliverable, what should we do to facilitate this?”
    1. Have your email coordinator email them with suggestions of what you believe will help them the most with the feedback you have received. Suggested project topics: signage for the rooms and activity centers to remind residents of policies, ect; Recommendation Report compiling research into a efficiently organized booklet to help communicate needs and interests to commercial entities.

Potential Career Q&A: I have been reflecting on my enjoyment of our readings and projects and have decided to venture into this career field. However, I could not find any useful data or listings with job titles or requirements. 

  1. “What is this style of field called in help ads?”
    1. Content/Knowledge Manager
    2. Copy Writing (More Writing centered)
    3. Communication Design
    4. Public Relations
  2. “What can I do to prepare for that field?”
    1. Code Academy (CSS/ HTML)
    2. Linda
      1. Layout
      2. Design

This Week’s Expectations: Here, I just wanted to clarify what was expected to be turned in this week and how I can do it all. 

  1. Annotations 3&4: 10/12 Midnight
  2. Midterm Reflection/ Meeting Notes Thursday
  3. Presentation Reflection Post: Thursday
    1. What you  gave to the client
    2. Your presentation (ppt)
    3. Reflection on your project thus far.

Pitch Notes

Rhetorical Situation: Pitch

  1. Author
    • You
      • Professional
      • Informed
      • Interested, engaged with topic and audience
      • Responsive to feedback
      • Student (understood learning Curve)
  2. Purpose
    • Client Approval
    • Client Feedback/critique
    • Client expecatation clarification or confirmation
    • Building group cohesion
    • Sell your work/ideas
    • Learning to give presentations
    • Working through process with client
    • Learn to take critique effectively
  3. Audience
    • Clients
      • Non Profit Representatives
      • Audience for deliverable(s)
      • End Users
    • Dr. Wharton
    • Peers
  4. Arrangement
    • Slides
      • Each Presenter in the group has a max of 5 Minutes
      • No more than 30 seconds a slide
      • 5-10 (max) slides
      • Think about your message beyond written information
      • Could do a group-wide presentation
  5. Grading/Review Focus
    • Quality of Presentation Values
      • Deliverable
      • Visual
      • Vocal

RA 1&2 Take Away Class Assignment

RA 1 (Wicked Problems)

  1. interdisciplinary groups can create multifaceted studies and solutions for issues
  2. The definition of issues, priorities, and terms may change as more disciplines are introduced into the dialectic
  3. Sources can be difficult to maintain uniform ethos across disciplines, particularly in a time sensitive issue

RA2 ( Usability Testing)

  1. Different communication professions study and prioritize differently
  2. communication is a largely scientific endeavor
  3. Finding ways to integrate users into the perception of information delivered is key to creating effective material.

Service Learning 9-8-16

Why Service learning?

  1. Authenticity in Learning experience
  2. Community impact through service
  3. Multifaceted Networking
    1. Professional
    2. Personal
    3. Community-based relationship (gaining the lay of the land experience)
  4. Perspective interaction
  5. Connecting the Community and University, allowing a relationship between the two

What’s at Stake with Service Learning?

  1. Portfolio Additions
  2. Reference opportunity
  3. Learn professional adaption
  4. Increased value of Georgia State experience and degree
    1. Perception of Georgia State increases with professional community
    2. Could cultivate a preference for Georgia State applicants for internships and/or jobs
  5. Potential to find passion
    1. Job potential
  6. English degree value increases
    1. Versatility
  7. Potential leads to future job or internship

What to Ask During Your Initial Project Meeting


  • What do you do?
  • What services do you provide?
  • What do you sell?


  • What would you consider your target demographic?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What cultural or political issues do we need to be aware of?
  • Do we need to be more aware of disability or access accommodations with our project?


  • What do you do well already? What would you wish to improve?
  • What new channels of communication have worked for you? What has not worked in the past?
    • Any interest in revisiting any of these avenues?
  • What are your short-term or long-term goals? How would you like to see these reflected in the project?
    • What do you think correlates with these goals?


  • What do you have already established?
    • Do you have examples of what you are looking for?
  • Are there any examples of your goal vision?
  • Would segmenting your audience be ideal for your goals?
  • Any particular things you believe emulates your company and goals?

Brief Notes on Pitch and Group Plans:

Make ideas separately to create a variety of options for the client, several options may be chosen or melded together.