I have always enjoyed communicating to those around me, even from the days of getting in trouble in Elementary School for trying to help those around me understand the lessons our teacher was presenting to us. As I got older, I developed a serious passion for creating portrayals of information for a broad audience to understand. This caused a knack for research, organization, and an understanding of the different mediums and their effectiveness for understanding. I enjoy every minute of information management because communication (if done aptly) can change the morale, involvement, and investment of a workforce on a large positive scale.

Throughout my experiences, the conclusions of them have always been areas of communication, whether it was done poorly or well. I learned management/ employee communication and ways it should (and should not) be handled through my years in the service industry while I was paying my way through college. I learned the perspectives of a diverse community, as well as researching communication tactics for a diverse community, from going to and interacting with the incredible campus of Georgia State University. I’ve learned and experienced communication conundrums with people who need nontraditional avenues of communication, while also learning the standards of communication today. I take pride in that I never turn down an opportunity to learn, and that mentality has gifted me with skills well beyond some of my peers. I absorb my surroundings and pay attention to the details around me. This is what makes great communication, and why I believe my journey has led me to be a great communicator.