Primary Meeting 9-13-16

Project Topic: Best Practices of Safety for Shelter (Particularly in relation to the renovation of the Shelter)

  • Focus on the current and new practices for shelters/group care facilities.
  • Layout correlation to safety
  • Security concerns
  • Most activity is at night (most employees and when families are in the shelters)
  • Downtown; keeping privacy with window location,ect
  • Correlation of mental safety and surrounding environment
    • Could cause irritation, leading to potential aggression

Building Layout:

  • Floor One:
    • Sign in lobby with waiting area.
    • Direct entrance to stairs and to dining area
    • Child Care and Education Facility.
    • Storage and offices
  • Floor two:
    • 18 Rooms
      • One family each room
      • Lockable
      • Windows in each room
      • Closet space
      • Counter space
      • similar to old dorm style
    • Communal Bathrooms
      • similar to old dorm style, as well
      • showers, sinks, ect
      • separate room with tub for children
      • Communal living area
      • Couches
      • bright light
  • Shelter Staff Offices




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