Spelman College

Principles of Microeconomics (Spring 2018)  Principles of Microeconomics Introduction 

Georgia State University 

Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2016) Syllabus_2106_Bueno

  • Sole instructor of lecture hall class of 190 students on the fundamental topics of Principles of Microeconomics utilizing multiple learning mediums
  • Example Activities: Demand Activity and Change in Qs and Qd Questions

Michigan State University

Advanced Microeconomics (Summer 2016)

  • Teaching assistant of 13 students for  Advanced Microeconomics at the American Economics Association Summer Program.
  • Example Recitation Lessons: Micro_801_Recitation 1 
  • Taught students an Introduction to LaTex class LaTex_Lesson_1

Wahiawa Middle School 

7th grade Math Special Education (2010-2012)

  • Taught 45 students each year with special needs and individualized learning plans 7th grade mathematics.


Student’s Email or Notes to Professor Bueno

Spelman College

 Professor Bueno,
Thank you for your patience, guidance, and care throughout this semester! I have had many times in which I wanted to give up and you didn’t allow me! I am grateful for that. Thank you for challenging me and pushing me. Once again, thank you,
Student S

Georgia State University

Dear Professor Bueno,
I wanted to thank you for making my first semester in college a great one. I really enjoyed your class, and I appreciate all of your help to ensure we knew the material. Your class also taught me the importance of time management and prioritizing, which are valuable skills I will carry with me for the rest of my career.
Thank you,
Student X
Good Evening Professor Bueno,
As the semester draws to a close and the final is tomorrow, I just wanted to thank you for being such a great professor. I thoroughly enjoyed this class, and your teaching sparked my interest in economics which did not really exist before this semester. Thank you for your time, being so understanding, and willing to help me when I do not understand a concept, or several. It really means a lot! I hope you have a great, safe holiday break.
Best regards, 
Student Y

Teaching Philosophy