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Gone are the days of static math problems…
Yep, you heard right. No more graph paper and pencils. No more painstakingly plotting individual points of an equation to see it visually. Now students and instructors can create, copy, and tweak graphs and interactive problem sets using Desmos – and (More)
5 Myths about Open Educational Resources
Myth 1- Quality does not matter. OER repositories such as Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) provides over 40,0 (More)
Tool Users vs. Homo Sapiens and the Megamachine
Introduction Should the human body shape technological innovation or should technology shape the human body? Theorist Lewis Mumford wrote extensively on this question in the early to mid-20th century. In this short post I'd like to very briefly expl (More)
Design Student Orientation for Your Online Course
Let’s think about a situation. In the beginning of semester, you have 40 students in your online course. Those students come from diverse backgrounds with different level of experience for online learning. Some students may only take 1 or 2 online co (More)
Accessibility for online classes (First Steps)
It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about why online education should be accessible. In fact I’ve never heard someone argue against the idea of accessibility. Most of us if not all of us agree it's not only a good thing but the right thing. Unf (More)
Coming Back Home
Last summer the CII’s instructional design team moved from Library South to the fourth floor of the Aderhold Learning Center. While we’ve enjoyed the proximity to the many tasty restaurants on Broad Street we are happy to announce that we will be mov (More)
Mix it Up
This week's cool tool is a must have for anyone looking to turn PowerPoint presentations into videos with narration. Sure you can use tools like Captivate to import slides and add narration and extras but that process can be time consuming and clumsy (More)
Nonlinear Presentations: A Presenter's Best Friend
Let me set the scene... You are the keynote speaker at the latest and greatest conference in your field on a topic near and dear to your heart (More)
Teaching: Creating Rapport With Weekly Update Videos
My Experience At a former institution I taught a Freshman Experience course year after year and had a fabulous time. In particular, I found great fulfillment in the deep connections I formed with my students both in and out of class. However, when I (More)
Nonlinear Presentations: Leveraging them in Class
In case you missed last week's post, a nonlinear presentation can be a useful teaching tool that allows you (More)
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