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Spoilt for Choice - New Customization Options in Brightspace/D2L
It's spring semester again.  I don't know about you, but for me spring brings to mind the return to vibrance as crepe myrtles, azaleas, camellias, and daffodils begin to bloom.  Though spring may not truly be in the air just yet, this spring semester (More)
#trending - Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard
Nadia Borissova, Assistant Director of GILEE, in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, sent along an app that may be of great use to you. More)
Gamification and D2L
A topic that has been trending for a while now in education (think since 2010 - see below) is gamification.  If you haven't heard of gamification before, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version.  Gamification is the incorporation of gaming elements, (More)
Google Search Tips and Tricks - Mad Skills in the Age of Information
In the digital age, one of the most important skills is having the ability to find just the right information at the instant you need it.  The problem is that when everyone is a knowledge producer and places their content online, there is simply an o (More)
Skype Translator
In the ever-rushing march of massive technological change, real-time voice translation is beginning to hit the mainstream market, and amazingly you can take part in it's development. Skype, venerable old online chat and messaging app owned by Microso (More)
Innovations in Methodology - statistics edition
Though most innovations that are discussed revolve around new hardware, software, or services, it's important to remember that there are still plenty of methodological innovations that are worth discussing in the frame of "innovation". Recently, the (More)
This will revolutionize education
If a moment ever comes along when I am teaching a class, and I require any old YouTube video to embed or link to as an example, my go-to is inevitably a video from my all-time favorite YouTube channel, More)
Setting Up Your Grade Book for 2015
Welcome back, faculty!  It's a new year and a new semester.  Most likely you have a host of experiences and interactions planned for your students and you can't wait to get started.  The last thing you want to think about is the set up of your grade (More)
CII on Pinterest - we hear it's the future!
So, evidently there's this thing called social media, and within the thriving nucleus of it, there is a tool called Pinterest (the Pinterest to those in the know... (More)
Instructional Innovation on Campus: Climate Literacy Labs
I've now worked at the CII for ten months. Coming from a corporate instructional design background I've been learning and adjusting to the world of higher education. One of the biggest differences I've noticed is pace. I've been cranking out projects (More)
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