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What Can Technology such as Virtual Reality Do for Global Health?
With the current pandemic, public health learning has been forced to be altered through technology. With these circumstances people have really approached the issue (More)
Technology Can Change the World and Global Health!
Technology has changed significantly and how technology relates to healthcare has also drastically changed over the past two decades. As everyone is aware, the use of technology in everyday healthcare has drastically changed over the past year. In cu (More)
Technology in the Developing World: Innovative New Applications
We are currently in a period of rapid technology growth, which some have termed the “fourth industrial revolution,” and new innovative technologies are expected to benefit health and healthcare greatly. As more people across globe, including developi (More)
Technology and Global Health: Is it a Blessing or a Curse?
We were blaming it often. Apparently technology was a blessing and a curse. It is human nature to always evolve, and with its evolution and the new hazards faced, it is our nature to blame something for it.  More)
Technology and Global Health: What Has it Done?
  Technology and Global Health : What has it done? GLOBAL health is ever changing, the times , people , the movements and ideas  are all submerging under one roof, "HOW TO DO IT QUICK?" The time it takes for one person to heal requires (More)
water, water everywhere....
A common problem in the world of technology, not just among educators, is the overwhelming sense that there are too many tools. We are constantly bombarded with more options about how to create a presentation, how to edit your photos, how to format y (More)
This will revolutionize education
If a moment ever comes along when I am teaching a class, and I require any old YouTube video to embed or link to as an example, my go-to is inevitably a video from my all-time favorite YouTube channel, More)
Assignment: Adjusting Your EduBlog
On Tuesday I was able to check the status of your EduBlogs, give a bit of feedback on your of your posts, and to reflect on the themes you discussed as a group.  Today, I’d like to alert you to changes to you blogs moving forward -- remember, (More)
EduBlog Resources
I posted this information in the Week 2 Announcement, but also wanted to re-post it along with resources for technical help while you create your Reflection Journals on the EduBlog platform.  For a basic introduction to EduBlogs / WordPress:& (More)
A few thoughts about the EduBlog platform…
I’ve had a few students email me questions about why I’m using the EduBlogs platform -- and I get it -- having four or five classes, each using a different platform (iCollege, WordPress, etc), can be really tedious. On top of learning the course mate (More)
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