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Personal Site description west end park
The Varsity: A Deconstruction (Visual)
Located on 61 North Avenue NW in Atlanta, The Varsity is one of the most noteworthy chains originally founded in midtown Atlanta in 1928. Being pronounced the largest drive-in in the 1950's with over 100 car hops, The Varsity has maintained its legac (More)
Focused Built Environment Description (FBED) of FOX Theatre
Front of Fox theatre       The Fox Theatre is a significant his (More)
Personal Site Response of FOX Theatre
Postcard of Fox theatre As I stood directly in front of the F (More)
“The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas” Annotation #2
7.)"Different floors have different themes, based on Utah’s existing strengths: one for games and digital media, one for adventure and gear, one for design and the arts, one for global impact and sustainability."(Para.20) This is again another exa (More)
Focused Built Environment Description (FBED) of APEX museum
Front View of the APEX museum The APEX museum, an acronym for Africa (More)
Personal Site Response of APEX museum
  "Sweet Auburn Avenue" in the 1950's [captio (More)
The design of turner field from the frontal view 10-2-2016.
turner field entrance (taken by me) As I look at the Turner field locate (More)
Visiting my favorite park !! 10-2-2016
Turner field entrance (taken by me) Sitting at my site of the Atlanta Br (More)
Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces Summary
Kathleen Scholl believes that the arrangement of the University's campus affects the way student behave and learn. But, before we get into that let's take a step back and look into the other evidence she provides to come up with this conclusion. W (More)
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