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Children's Museum of Atlanta
  The main of entrance of the Children's Museum of Atlanta. (More)
The Tabernacle
Plaque of Founder Len G. Broughton The Tabernacle is a venue, t (More)
Built Environment Analysis - Bibliography
Thesis: The design of GSU's Piedmont North dormitory appears to promote diversity and unity, but a close examination of the materials and overall layout reveals the perpetuation of a divisive and private culture. Bibliography: More)
General Outline of the BeltLine in Atlanta
Potential Thesis: How does the design of the Atlanta BeltLine walkway help the community become more engaged?

My View of Turner Field Part I
[caption id="attachment_55" align="alignleft" width="300"] Turner Field Entrance

On September 9, 2016 I v (More)
A Day at Zoo Atlanta
The giraffe on the right is the oldest at Zoo Atlanta. Also, my favorite animal.[/cap (More)
A Clash of Old and New at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market
I visited the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, at 209 Edgewood Avenue South East, which is just a few minutes walk down the road from the Georgia State University Lofts and Patton Hall. From a far distance, the market does not look like much, just an old bu (More)
Environment for Young Educated Men
Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA was founded in 1867. Walking on the campus gives the feeling of history and tradition. It is perceived as a very respectable college that consists of young men working towards a degree and a better life. The way Moreh (More)
Growing up in Atlanta
Growing up in Atlanta, I must say Turner Field was an attraction in my life. Many years ago I took weekly trips to turner field to attend the Braves games. As a kid, I actually hated the trips to turner field and baseball was one of the worst sports (More)
FBED west end park
  As I Sat at Oak St SW, It was about 4:45 in the afternoon.  I was surrounded by a large amount of big brown trees wi (More)
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