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Youth incarceration : restorative justice and social work practice ( More)
This will revolutionize education
If a moment ever comes along when I am teaching a class, and I require any old YouTube video to embed or link to as an example, my go-to is inevitably a video from my all-time favorite YouTube channel, More)
Critical Media Literacy Conference: Two Awesome Sessions
Zombies. Megachurches. Soap Operas. Not your typical academic conference topics - unless, that is, you’re considering the broad field of cultural studies and critical media literacy. In this post I’d like to present a quick intro to critical media st (More)
What did you do with your Stimulus Check?
In 2020, the world economy was negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic which led to many Americans losing their jobs and many companies to suffer financially. In order to stimulate the economy, the government passed the Cares Act, a 2.2 trill (More)
Liang-Ching Tsai, Ph.D.
Physical Therapy Assistant Professor More)
The Cost of Food Insecurity
Based on healthcare costs, reduced productivity, increased crime rates, and other effects, the cost of hunger and food insecurity in the United States is at least $160 billion at the very least (6). Individuals who are undernourished are at greater r (More)
Water and Air as Energy: Is it a Myth?
My solution for Fossil Fuel energy sounds like science fiction but it is more possible then you might think. Energy from W (More)
Although it may seem more simple than it is, my solution to combat deforestation is the complete opposite; REFORESTATION. Supposedly (More)
Stainless Steel Straws
Image From My firs (More)
Why is deforestation happening?
Image from Deforestation is currently happening becaus (More)
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