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Intimidate, Frustrate, and Accommodate: The Fight for Equal Rights to Public Restrooms
Under a New York Times Magazine collection of essays titled "First Words", Emily Bazelon explores something most people in the United States would consider a simple right: the ac (More)
Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments
In her essay "Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments", Mary E. Hocks discusses how digital environments are designed with features like "audience stance, transparency, and hybridity" (629). The " visual and interactive nature o (More)
"Color Walking" by Phia Bennim and Brendam McMullan (6)
The purpose of the article "Color Walking" by Phia Bennim and Brendan McMullan is to introduce the idea of "color walking", inform the readers on what it is, and encourage the readers to do it themselves. The authors begin with their explanation of h (More)
"Better Online Living..." by Melissa King (5)
In “Better Online Living through Content Moderation”, Melissa King discusses the issue people face when using “content control features” and how these people are viewed by others. Many websites offer features for blocking and censoring, however these (More)
"Tapestry of Space" by Irina Nersessova (1)
Irina Nersessova explores the connection between Margaret Morton’s walk into life in the tunnels of New York and the journey of a dérive in her article “Tapestry Of Space: Domestic Architecture And Underground Communities In Margaret Morton’s Photogr (More)
"Architectural Exclusion" by Sarah Schindler (2)
In “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination And Segregation Through Physical Design Of The Built Environment” Sarah Schindler, discusses the usually overlooked existence of exclusion in architecture. People view other people as the excluders and fail (More)
"Designing for a Post-Gender Society" by Suzanne Tick (3)
In “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” Suzanne Tick brings attention to gender-neutrality in design (or the lack thereof). Tick calls this period a “gender revolution” and continuously reinforces the idea that because gender is no (More)
"Making Bathrooms More Accommodating" by Emily Bazelon (4)
Most people may not give much thought to the ability to use public restrooms in peace and their choice between the “men” and “women” restrooms. However, there are some people in today’s society that do not feel “at peace” or safe in the restrooms, an (More)
Should "He & She" Still Exist?
Gender fluid tank. "Identity is no longer clearly defined as female or male, but by increasin (More)
"Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment"
In the text "Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment", by Sarah Schindler, many topics which pertain to structured separation of cultures, and groups of people may be put into place be (More)
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