A Painting by Me
Honestly, I am a little embarrassed to admit I painted this. I know, I don’t have much talent on painting, but I’m still going to display this at the most conspicuous spot in my ro (More)
A Jade Necklace
My grandma gave this jade necklace to me when I was a kid. She put it on for me and told me this was passed down to her from her grandmother. She asked me to wear it all the time a (More)
A Scarf
Let me introduce you my favorite scarf ever: it is in a basic, bald grey color, which looks a little bit too mature on me for my age. Plus, it is too long, I will need to twine it (More)
A Winnie the Pooh Puzzle
Winnie the Pooh use be my favorite cartoon character when I was little. I used to have a lot of things that have Winnie the Pooh figure on: my water bottle, my lunch box, my pajam (More)
A Pair of Mickey Mouse Earring
  The summer I graduated from high school, me and a few of my friends went on a road trip to Florida. That was the first time I traveled by myself without my parents. I bou (More)
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