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The Final Moments
Dear John Lewis,  Finishing your book left me with mixed emotions. Everything seemed as if it was going downhill when Jimmie Lee Jackson and Malcolm X passed away and being assassinated; I couldn't imagine the shock of two people who just wer (More)
March Blog Post 3
Representative Lewis, The book has, at this point, run its course and left an impact on the reader, but the best is yet to come in the final pages. We start by hearing about the assassination of Malcolm X which, while the SNCC and other followers (More)
March 3 Ending Reflection
Dear John Lewis, This time my class read through pages 174 through 246 of March book 3. In these pages, lots of events occurred. Jimmie Lee Jackson was died from being shot by officers while protesting in Alabama. Malcolm X had been assassinated and (More)
Final March Response
Dear John Lewis, In the ending of the book, you dove into, with detail, some momentous events of the Civil Rights Moment. One of these events happened to be Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1995, in Selma, Alabama. Marchers were attacked by clubs and tear (More)
Dear Representative Lewis, We immediately start off this last section of the book in an almost noir-esque scene where C.T. Vivian spoke at a rally protesting the arrest of James Orange. Immediately Alabama State Troopers are deployed and violence (More)
End of the book but a new beginning (March #3)
Dear John Lewis, So we have finally read the end of the book. We still see the challenges that were faced and the barriers that had to be overcome. We had bloody Sunday, which was such a tragic event. However, we also skip ahead to when Obama was (More)
Full Circle
Dear Mr. Lewis, So much has happened in the lest section of your book MARCH: Book Three. Bloody Sunday where you were injured, Jimmie Lee Jackson was murdered by police, Malcom X was assassinated, the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, and you (More)
The Final Act
Dear John Lewis,        I think the way you refer to the cause of C.T Vivian's arrest, as well as those who were trying to register with him, as 'good/ necessary trouble,' is very effective. It shows that what African Americans (More)
Dear John Lewis,  The voting rights protest resulted in Jimmie Lee Jackson being beaten and murdered by cops. Malcolm X was assassinated. You decided to part ways with the SNCC due to a difference in where the movement should be headed. Blood (More)
To John Lewis... (4)
Dear Mr. Lewis, Reading pages 184 to 246 of "March: Book Three", provided me some more insight to the Civil Rights Movement previously thought unimaginable. It was like I was really living in the moment. That's how powerful the message was when I (More)
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