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Natural Materials (Prompt 2)
Tasked with making a work of art that came from the Earth. I wanted to make something that represent the changing seasons, and Autumn happens to be my favorite time of the year. I created something I felt that embodied this season using (More)
Found Object Self Project (Prompt 3)
The purpose of this prompt was to use 5-7 objects that you find around house to create a portrait that represents you. I chose 6 objects I thought best described me: Rick & Morty plush figure, lapel pin (on Rick & Morty figure), old sket (More)
Anxiety Compassion Poster
Anxiety is that tiny negative voice in your head that won't stop spewing negative thoughts in your mind. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and crippling, keeping you in a state of constant fear and apprehensiveness. Sometimes seeking help from (More)
2020 Mental Health Compassion Poster
2020 has been a unforgiving and unrelenting year, from the current global pandemic to the most important presidential election of this decade thus far. Many families have lost their homes, jobs, vehicles, etc. due to the circumstances this year (More)
Your Spirit Animal Destroys Your Nightmare (Prompt 1)
My spirit animal is the Sea Turtle. I chose the Sea Turtle because it has a place on land, and in the sea. Sea Turtles begin their life on land, and from birth they are naturally drawn to the sea while maintaining their connection to the land. I (More)
Pandemic Project🦠🦋
Throughout the entire coronavirus pandemic I really have not been able to sit down and think about exactly what’s going on . With so much on my mind and so many things I’m doing I haven’t really made any me time. I am constantly thinking about what’ (More)
3 Dream Drawings
I was assigned to create three pictures with multiple amount of Media. Each teacher had to consist of a different point of view. Also the pictures needed coincide with your storyboard or be where the story took place. Meadow Greenery ᾘ (More)
Dream Storyboard💭
Story dream board In this project, we were asked to make a storyboard of the dreams that we have had. More)
Compassion Poster
"You Are Never Alone" "Alone" Feb 20,2020 Photoshop (More)
Dream Video💭🎞 I have the most beautiful idea of going to an actual coffee shop and filming this video. I had everything all planned out. However, due to COVID-19, I had to completely change my whole vision. This really brought ou (More)
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