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About Me
  Hello! My name is Tizhana and I am a Freshmen here at GSU. I am currently Pre-Film with a minor in Theatre. I like to th (More)
Syllabus Quiz
1.What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them. Reading Summaries: Annotated Bibliographies:http://spaceplacerhet. (More)
Schindler's " Architectural Exclusion"
17. The passage means that the people of Darien, were using institutional racism, but to a different degree. The wealthy people of Darien, were paying off their government to not have signs put up in their neighborhood so that lower class people of c (More)
Sexism is Alive and Well..... by Nejai White & Tizhana Turner.
Hosey, Lance. "Sexism Is Alive and Well in Architecture." The Huffington Post., 13 July 2015. Web. 28 Jan. 2016. <>. Lance Hosey, the Chief Su (More)
Schindler's "Architectural Exclusion" 4
15.   The exits and highway off ramps were created so that "other people" would not even think about seeing a wealthy neighborhood because the wealthy wanted to be as segregated as possible because of their dislike of people of color. They did not wa (More)
Schindler's " Architectural Exclusion" 3
12. This means that the wealthy white people were turning down public transportation to come to their suburbs. This is because they did not want "undesirable" people in their area to commit crimes and downgrade their standard of living because "they (More)
Schindler's "Architectural Exclusion" 2
This means that these new designs that architects are made to enact some secret hidden law that most people do not know about. They make sure that there are certain restrictions to what you can do in the public. Urban design is like subconscious c (More)
Jewels of Africa
     Africa holds a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources. It’s countries are abundant in numerous natural resources including oil, uranium, copper, gold, platinum, tin, diamonds, timber, and bio-fuels. The continent contains large amounts (More)
English, why art thou my favorite?
      All my life language arts and English have been the most difficult subjects for me, and in class I'd always been the one student behind everyone else. At home, my mother only spoke to me in Harari, a small native Ethiopian language. I was first (More)
The importance of communication
       What I’ve learned strictly from being in a public school system is that physical attributes such as my age, my race, and my gender plays a role in how I am perceived. I’ve always heard the term “racism” thrown around as an annoyance to the maj (More)
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