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Zotero for Annotated Bibliography
I used Zotero when creating my annotated bibliography. (More)
Screenshots of my Zotero account. More)
Syllabus Quiz
Questions: What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them. (More)
Final Revisions (Extra Credit)
As a final revision to many of my posts I decided to remove the title of the assignments out of the title. This transition created a much more intriguing environment on the site and made it more accessible. Including "Built Environment Analysis" or " (More)
A Detailed Revision About How I Changed My Blog
At first I didn't realize how unorganized and broad my blog was. After the survey, I went all the way to my earlier posts in order to have a better idea about how to make it easier for my readers to find my work based on their needs. The first thing (More)
Site Revisions
I tagged every post with keywords that make it easier for researchers to find useful information on my site. I revised the titles of my posts to better represent their content and to make it easier for researchers to find useful information. For (More)
Built Environment Analysis Brainstorm
Poverty levels of certain parts of atlanta versus others. Does the built environment influence the concentration of poverty in certain parts of atlanta? There seems to be a concentration of wealth in the northern part of atlanta. Concentration of whi (More)
Title and Hook (Class Assignment)
Title: The Influence of Atlanta's Built Environment on Traffic Hook: Despite a lower population density, Atlanta, Georgia possesses traffic congestion similar to Boston, Massachusetts because the city's built environment encourages it. (More)
Built Environment Outline:
Built Environment Analysis Outline: Argument: How do they impact the Atlanta community, economy, and how will they impact the city of Atlanta in the future. Introduction: Introduce Druid Hills and Underground Atlanta Body 1: Compare the Drui (More)
Parables and Legends in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
Image foundĀ More)
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