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Built Environment Description
This picture was taken on a cool Saturday evening, I was sitting underneath a heat lamp by the California Pizza Kitchen. I sat (More)
  I took this picture a bit after I arrived because at first the jewelry kiosk owner was not there . The people did not (More)
  I chose to take this picture because I wanted to get a full view of the area that I was observing. The pathway was a (More)
Build Environment Description DR #3
  In this picture, I tried to capture the handicap button that I¬†mentioned in my previous post. Also, I wanted to captu (More)
Built Environment Description DR#4
Now this bathroom, I did not like that much. This is the men's room and you can tell by comparison of the female bathroom the d (More)
Built Environment Description DR#5
I wanted to show you everyone the sign for the men's room. I wanted to know if you could point out the braille? It would be pre (More)
Georgia State University Digital Built Environment Description
Georgia State University’s website found at is a well-crafted digital space designed with a simple layout and easy to find main menus and tabs. Upon opening up to the home page of the site, the layout pattern is simple and easy to navigat (More)
Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 5
This part of the Georgia State web site is the coolest feature that the site offers. Upon scrolling to the very bottom of the sites home page, you will notice that this is where the schools contact information is located. Above the contact inform (More)
Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 4
One commonly known problem with many online sites is being able to navigate through the site and being able to find where the application link to the business, school, or any other type of organization is. However Georgia State's web site has dis (More)
Georgia State University Digital Site: Digital Record 3
The main opening page of the Georgia State University web site is always up to date with current news article headlines and links to interesting articles about Georgia State and various other topics as well. Scrolling down through the main web si (More)
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