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the backdrop of Atlanta House of Shoots LLC
Atlanta House of Shoots is a private owned video production and post production business in Atlanta, Ga. The owner, Joe Yung Spike, opened the business in March 2014 with his love of music as a sole inspiration. Spike mission is to create a visual fo (More)
Majestic Diner "FOOD TO TAKE HOME" sign
The historic "FOOD TO TAKE HOME" sign perched high on Ponce De Leon Avenue is visible from very far distances and is a welcoming sight to hungry Atlantans.  The multi-colored signs has no dead bulbs and shines bright 24/7 as the restaurant is never c (More)
Judicial Branch Building

The Georgia State Capitol Complex
This is a picture of the State Capitol building in Downtown Atlanta, GA. John Slemp uses this picture to show the flowers and statue in front of the building. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="507"]More)
Sign Outside State Capitol Building "Historic Ground"
[caption id="attachment_256" align="aligncenter" width="225"] This sign that stands outside of the state capital building of Georgia details the history of the land. Several people stopped to read it as they walked past the building. It helps visitor (More)
Second Built Environment Analysis - Extra
The City of Atlanta, Psychologically Impairing its Residents Different spaces and environments are equipped with specific features that psychologically change ones mood and behavioral characteristics. This is evident in the way we feel and function (More)
Digital Artifact #1
This is the homepage of the Georgia government and Governor Nathan Deal website.  Here you'll find all of the different drop down m (More)
Built Environment Description DR#1
[caption id="attachment_320" align="alignnone" width="223"] Inside women's bathroom.

I took this picture approximately (More)
Built Environment Description DR#2
When looking inside the very warm yet pleasant bathroom, I went on a search for the handicap bathroom. I was glad to know that (More)
Built Environment Description
  The site I went to observe was Atlantic Station, and it was a nice day outside. Besides the fact that I was hungry, the area was very breathtaking. Before I sat down to observe, I looked around to see how well the environment was constructe (More)
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