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Cool Tools - Wideo, Moovly, and PowToon - Animated Videos Made Easy
Have you ever wanted to create a sweet More)
Cool Tools - Missing in Action edition: MindMeister, MindNode, Evernote, Skitch, & Penultimate
Well, as the continuing build up of responsibility takes hold in the later part of the semester, our online Cool Tools classes have been, let's just say, less highly attended. After wiping away our tears, we decided that this in no way should punish (More)
Cool Tools Poster Session at the Innovative Instruction Conference
This morning the Exchange presented a Cool Tools Poster Session at the Instructional Innovation ConferenceMore)
Cool Tools for 3D Printing
So you just discovered that your friendly neighborhood faculty support center (i.e. the Exchange) has a 3D printer.  What are you gonna do about it?  Good question.  How could 3D printing help your content come to life? Option 1:  Print an existing (More)
The D2L Assignment Grader
So it's finals week, and your partner wants to drive 45 minutes to see a concert.  You respond, "But, honey, I am swamped with grading.  I have 150 essays (More)
Turnitin App - Plagiarism Detection Goes Mobile
I imagine a few of you caught our last post about the D2L Assignment Grader app, and the first question you had was, "Okay sounds neat (More)
Binder App - A Document Reader Created to Support our Desire2Learn
Our last two posts have narrowly focused on sharing apps that streamline grading in Desire2Learn:  the Desire2Learn Assignment Grader (More)
Cool Tools: How to pull data from a PDF for use in Excel
This post is reposted from Have you ever wanted to pull all of the raw data out of, let's say, a pdf file of government data or a journal article? (More)
Blackboard Collaborate Suite of Mobile Apps
Do you want to conduct an online meeting on the go?  Blackboard Collaborate is Georgia State University's online meeting platform.  In a More)
Gamification and D2L
A topic that has been trending for a while now in education (think since 2010 - see below) is gamification.  If you haven't heard of gamification before, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version.  Gamification is the incorporation of gaming elements, (More)
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