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The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas
The Innovation Campus by: Alexandra Lange The multiple learning spaces referenced by Lange are design (More)
The School's System Should Change!
The other day scrolling on Facebook I came across this video titled I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM! I watched it not knowing what to expect but found it to be informative and relatable. He talks about how the education system hasn't changed in decades (More)
My Turner Field Experience
Now that Turner Field in Atlanta, Ga is being closed I feel like I need to tell my experience of the infamous stadium. How cliche of me I know. My Turner field experience was probably a little different from yours. Now that I think about it I never r (More)
Rough Draft for Final Argument
Underground Atlanta, built and opened in 1969, was a retail and entertainments district. The site was mostly built on the idea to bring a public night life scene to the heart of the city. However in 1980, the district closed due to the construction o (More)
These are two dif (More)
A Long Walk to the Campus Recreation Center
The length of time it takes to walk to the recreation center: 15 minutes. The length of time it takes to walk to Piedmont Central's fit room: 5 minutes. According to my own personal vendetta at least. In my time of being enrolled in two diff (More)
I Need My Space, Georgia State.
For the past few days, what feels like weeks, I've been avoiding people. And it's not because they have done something to me as to where I cannot stand to be in the site or presence of them, it's because I just do not want to be around them. I'm a (More)
Annotated Bibiliography
By Janel Davis - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (n.d.). Georgia's campus crimes, what's the risk for in-town students? Retrieved November 5, 2016, from (More)
Expanded Outline
T. The "invisible boundary" design of Georgia State University encourages the presence of non-academic community members, such as the homeless and business professionals who work in buildings adjacent to the campus. This intermingling of community me (More)
Support of Thesis An analysis of More)
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