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Artifact #1: Atlanta City Studio Pop-Up Shop
Atlanta City Studio's agenda for this week Atlanta City Studio se (More)
Artifact #2: The Masquerade

Artifact #3: Parking Garages and Lots
[caption id="attachment_341" align="alignleft" width="409"] Map and Rates Courtesy of

Artifact #4: Lucky Lotus
Lucky Lotus Juice Bar and Menu The Lucky Lotus Juice Bar, located in the Po (More)
Artifact #5: Binders
My sister, Marie, with Binders merchandise   Binders, lo (More)
Smoking at Krog Street Market
Outdoor seating at the "Living Room" area of Krog Street Market has no smoking allo (More)
Fair Trade at Krog Street Market
Xocolatl is a chocolate shop at Krog Street Market that participates in Fair Trade[/ca (More)
Gentrification and Krog Street Market
Cost of home near Krog Street Market in August 2013 (one year before (More)
Location of the Beltline Near Krog Street Market
Map of Krog Street Market showing close proximity to the Atlanta Belt (More)
Bathrooms at Krog Street Market
The way to the bathrooms splits into two separate hallways--one for men, one for women (More)
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