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Politically Rendered Historic Auburn Avenue
Through the built environment descriptions I have completed in the past, I have really gotten to know more about Auburn Avenue's history and culture. Each time I returned to the street, whether to a specific location, or just an entire section in gen (More)
MLK Memorial Marta Station
Past the Penci (More)
Artifact #5: Ponce de Leon Avenue

Artifact #4: Ponce City Apartments
Artifact #3: Ponce City Rooftop
[caption id="attachment_213" align="alignleft" width="190"] View of building from rooftop

On Ponce City Market's rooftop level (More)
Artifact #2: Citizen Supply and Other Retail Stores
My sister, Marie, playing with the store's quirky merchandise [ca (More)
Artifact #1: Ponce City Market Food Court
Sitting on the corner of Decatur Street and Ellis is a small store with a red and (More)
Pencil Factory Flats and Shops
Decatur Street Pedestrian Bridge
A shot of Decatur Street as it passes through Georgia State University. The pedestrian bridge crosses over the busy street (More)
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