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The Pressures of the Current Workplace
If we take a look back ten years, even twenty years, into the past, we will see that the aspects that helped the workplace thrive are much different than now.  Ten to twenty years ago, online recruitment and promotion was unheard of.  Connections wer (More)
Blog Post #10: What is exposition?
The full title of this class, from the course catalog, is \"History, Theory, and Practice of Expository Writing.\" Over the course of the semester we have identified some of the formal and rhetorical characteristics of expository writing. In general, (More)
Blog #11: Personal and Professional Identity
Over the course of the semester, we have examined closely the conventions, genres, and processes of technical communication. We have considered carefully and discussed at length how different contexts and audiences influence the form and content of t (More)
BLOG #9 Baby Anatomy
The anatomy of a baby doll is equivalent to that of a baby. The structure of the baby doll is about the size of a one month old baby. The body of the baby doll is very delicate, S-shape spine taking usually up until one year to develop. Divided in to (More)
What You Need To Know About Technical Communication
Image gotten from According to the Society for Technical (More)
Blog #10: Technical Communication Defined By Karina
Overview The purpose of this blog post is to introduce a new definition of technical communication to my classmates so that you all know what I have learned and hopefully can relate to my observations. I will discuss my definition and explain how I (More)
Technical Communication: What does it mean?
After taking this course, my preconceived idea of “technical communication” has changed. I assumed technical communication referred to instructions and scientific discourse. However, now I define technical communication as a broad field with a strong (More)
Blog #10: What is Technical Communication?
At the beginning of the semester, some of our very first readings dealt with the problem of defining technical communication. Often, scholars offer a number of characteristics of workplace communication–it’s collaborative, multimodal, reader-centered (More)
Blog Post #9: Object Description
The final project for this class asks you to craft a multimodal object analysis. This project, Project 6, is modeled on an assignment designed by Jules David Prown for his students, which is described in Kenneth Haltman\'s \"Introduction\" to America (More)
Blog Post 8: Breaking the Vicious Circle of Desire
According to Jean Baudrillard, sociologist and philosopher, there are “three orders of simulacra” in   (More)
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