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Blog Post #7: Resistance is Futile
image courtesy of The diff (More)
Blog Post #10 (Revisited for Portfolio Use Only)
Technical communication has interested me for several years; mainly due to supporting my father in the review of technical communication as part of his work.  Enrolling in this class has further increased my level of interest on the subject and has c (More)
Blog #6 - \"English, please\" (The Power and Purpose of Plain Language)
Being technically inclined is a blessing and a curse; I\'m able to troubleshoot my own issues with computers, but people sometimes ask for my help. It isn\'t that the request for my help is a problem, but it irritates me to no end when I try to expla (More)
Blog #3 - Beyond the Resume / Using the Internet to Improve My Image
Currently, my online/professional identity is presented in a pretty generic format. I have a website set up with some basic information about myself that includes a link to my resume. Eventually, I\'d like to create a video resume and a portfolio to (More)
Blog #2 - On Resume Ethics, Personal Identity
Due to the discriminatory process of sorting applications and the extremely competitive nature of the application process, I believe that it is completely justifiable for people to alter their identity and exaggerate their qualifications for the purp (More)
Blog #5 - Statement of (General) Interest (Technical Coordinator, Copywriter, Project Manager)
For the project, I would like to be considered for the role of Technical Coordinator. I am a Computer Science major and am obsessed with technology. I can learn pretty much any software I\'m needed to. I spend a lot of time organizing data in Excel s (More)
Blog #2: The Lack of Ethics in Resumes and Why It’s OK
(Image: \"Angels on My Shoulders.\" 2011. Web. Courtesy of Daniebob on WordPress) Is it acceptable to lie to a potential employer for an opportunity at your d (More)
Blog Post #9: Ways to avoid TL;DR
The transition from print to social media has drastically changed the role of the content creator and his/her duty in conveying an efficient yet thorough message to an audience.  The pressures of detailing a message with complex vernacular and thorou (More)
The Art Called Technical Communication
The way we view technical communication have dramatically changed in the past few years. Thanks to the convergence of social medi (More)
Self Branding
How we present ourselves most certainly depends on the context in which we are responding to.  From a social stand point I feel that for most people what we regard as \"normal\" dress for this function or that function is largely intuitive. We spend (More)
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