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Atlanta's Undiscovered Eats Have an Acquired Taste!
When going taste testing isn't it common to take various types of people to cover the taste buds of various cultures. According (More)
Atlanta's Own Outfitters
Atlanta Magazine claims there is a fashionable style that has been hidden in the depths of the city. Once again, we are given textu (More)
Atlanta Magazine says: Access Not Granted to All!
There are establishments in Atlanta that are out of reach for some people. The headline of this photo states:"Limited access: 4 Exclusive (More)
The Fashion of Atlanta Upon scrolling down the Atlanta Magazine website, this image is (More)
High Defintion
The white spacious area illuminated the artist and actor. Such light was achieved by many professional lighting fixtures set in place. (More)
Tripp's "Time to Shine"
As artist and video model changed their outfits, the background changed as well. At Atlanta House of Shoots LLC, variety is an available a (More)
As the music blared from the speakers, the video model and rapper acted various scenes. The song was repetitiously paused, re-winded, and played  to capture the visual vision that both the artist and video director wanted as an endMore)
Freedom of Expression
Here lies a photo I snapped of the shot an on-set photographer captured. The musical artist and the participating video model have li (More)
Tripp Dvision Azure expresses a sense of freedom
IMG_4490 The attached video shows the featured artist, Tripp Dvision Azure, performing his new single "Leave". He chose a simple background to leave much room for the e (More)
the backdrop of Atlanta House of Shoots LLC
Atlanta House of Shoots is a private owned video production and post production business in Atlanta, Ga. The owner, Joe Yung Spike, opened the business in March 2014 with his love of music as a sole inspiration. Spike mission is to create a visual fo (More)
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