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Tool Inventory Unit 2 Assignment 3
  i.) You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper. Tools - Zoom, Google slides Reason - Because of its online format Zoom would be an efficient way to present to the audience and Google slides provides (More)
Compassion Poster #1
February 2021 I chose my first compassion poster off volunteering with the Panther Pantry. I got special approval to interview my friend Nic who I know worked wit (More)
Unit 4 Assignment 1: Halloween
Hello everyone, welcome back to my GSU blog. In this blog, I am gonna talk about Unit 4 Assignment 1 part 4. Which is to discuss the search results that I got from search Topic. My search Topic was Halloween for this Assignment. I am a huge fan of Ha (More)
Unit 2 Assignment 3
You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper. Tool: Online presentation tools such as Prezi Reason: Will allow for effective presentation on an online platform for others to see Collect online resources for (More)
Creating Medication Card Masters (Pandemic Pivot Series)
by Dr. Lorrie Stewart-Torres ( Faculty Instructor ADN Pediatric Program, Georgia State University's Perimeter College Medication Card completion is one pharmacologic learning intervention given to nursing students. Medication (More)
The Importance of Stories: Narrative and Empathy during COVID-19 (Pandemic Pivot Series)
By Owen Cantrell ( As we sit in the face of over 100,000 deaths and nearly 25% unemployment in the United States, the problems of pedagogy are hard to think of as essential. It is often difficult to know what is happening and es (More)
Announcements // April 6 - 12
A few due date reminders for this week:  Choice Projects Your choice project is due by this evening, Sunday, April 5th Make sure you’ve reviewed the More)
Public History & Memory in Atlanta
For this fifth assignment, we're considering questions of public memory and history here in Atlanta. The photo above was taken on the Bell Building (More)
Announcements // March 30 - April 5
I hope the break gave you time to rest, reorient, and take care of yourselves and your families.  Before we launch back into the course, if you haven’t already, take a moment to read the previous announcement regarding the mid-semester update (More)
Public Re-Memory
For your fourth post, we're re-examining British history and public memory through a careful examination of the intersection between Black identity and British identity. Together, our readings and viewings will help us think through the complex relat (More)
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