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Delta Airlines' Website Just as Enjoyable as Their Flights
Pictured above is the Homepage. The layout is set up to where the main thing they would like visito (More)
Brief Video from The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Interior Design: Digital Record #2
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. "Announcing the 2015-16 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra." Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 08 May. 2015. Web. 4 Mar. 2016. The video is an invitation from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to (More)
A Brochure of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra -Interior Design: Digital Record 1
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. “ASO 2015-16 Seaso (More)
A video to better describe the tranquility within Constitutional Lakes Park - Digital Record 4
Constitution Lakes Park Constitution Lakes Park is usually deserted when it's 30 degrees outside. It is quite peaceful to go when your alone and have more time to actua (More)
Log Signage Leads you to the Doll Head Trail - Digital Record 3
Hidden deep inside Constitution Lakes Park you will find yourself going inside the Doll Head Trail. There are many more sign (More)
Board Walk at Constitutional Lakes Park - Digital Record 2
After walking a cement sidewalk you find yourself standing in front of a board walk with two paths to decide which way to go. On the left h (More)
Constitutional Lakes Park Signage - Digital Record 1
The photo above is a sign for the hikers and pedestrians of the park. This is to catch they're attention to be sure they know not to liter. (More)
Cool Atlanta Blog:Coffee Shop
Here the Cool Atlanta bloggers profile a cool spot to get coffee under the "coffee shops" umbrella of the main menu.  They felt that coffee shops were important enough to have a whole thread dedicated to the best ones of the city.  The black and (More)
Cool Atlanta Blog: Trip To Scott's Market Review
Here an Atlantan shares her experience visiting a market in Atlanta.  She writes a blog post and illustrates it with a photo of her which enhances the visual aspect of the site.  The pictures of these people and places together show the true dept (More)
Cool Atlanta Blog: Graphic Organizer
This graphic organizer shows a list of acts for a music festival in Atlanta. Clicking anywhere on the graphic links you to the webpage of the band you clicked on. This feature makes the site very informative and simple to navigate.  The style of (More)
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