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Saba Hill Academic Profile
Who is Saba Hill? Saba is currently in her last semester of her freshman year at Georgia State University majoring in Biology with the goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. She chose Georgia State University because she feels like it will give h (More)
Leyla Ahmic: Academic Profile
Meet Leyla Ahmic! She is a seventeen-year-old dual enrollment student who currently wishes to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Born (More)
Young Ahn:Academic Self
          First off, Ms.Ahn describes her academic self as consistent, persistent, and effective. She connected to the assigned reading, “Effective Learning strategy” by Dr.Chew. In the text, it states,” The most effective pr (More)
Julia Tipper's Academic Self
    Julia Tipper: Academic Profile    Julia Tipper is an intelligent and well-rounded teenage girl. She is currently still in high school and is enrolled in a dual enrollment course that allows her to take college courses whil (More)
Esohe Uhuangho: Academic Profile
Esohe Uhuangho is a 17 year old who is a senior at Alpharetta High School. She is taking this class as a dual enrollment student at GSU. The three words that describe her academic self are fast-learner, confident, and resourceful.  From a you (More)
Mounica Katragadda: Academic Self
Mounica is an 18-year-old dual enrollment student and describes her academic self as visual, self-motivated, and engaging. She discovered the importance of her first academic self-word, visual, in elementary school. At her first school Crabapple (More)
Ajoi's Academic self Draft
Ajoi is eighteen years old and a freshman here, she described her college process as confusing. Ajoi explained how she struggled deciding if she even wanted to attend college in the first place. However, she said that school is the only thing she suc (More)
Lejla Alijevic- Academic Self
     Over the past week I was able to talk and get to know Lejla. I was definitely nervous to talk with someone through an online class. I’m very glad that I was able to get out of my comfort zone and learn about someone else and share (More)
Ezequiel Lorenzo Acevedo: Academic Profile
            Ezequiel (or Zeke) is a 17-year-old international student from the Dominican Republic. After conducting an interview and taking notes about Zeke, I have learned that he is a hard work (More)
Academic Profile on Rijo Lake
Hello professor and fellow classmates,       My task was to interview Solanlly Rijo Lake and learn more about her. I was to try (More)
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