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They Were Taken...Yet They Survived
Going into this study abroad program, I knew that I would gain a lot of insight into human rights in general. However, I did not know the impact it would have on me an (More)
Through the Empty Room...
La Perla torture room Dr. Reati asked “Do you feel anything abou (More)
“Chico Rico”
As a group we visited La Cumbrecita an amazing town with a large german influence. The buildings are still in their original form as the town does not allow for the modification of the architectural structures. Tourists are only allowed to visit on f (More)
Natural Wonderland
Our visit to La Cumbrecita was absolutely amazing! The flora of the town was the prettiest I have seen since coming to Argentina. While the trees where divine, the lichen and mushrooms were the most striking part of the city. La Cumbrecita knows thei (More)
Che Guevara's childhood home
Yesterday we had a chance to visit his childhood home here in Cordoba, which was a fascinating, if not a little one-sided, look into the man that became a worldwide symbol of resistance. More)
Independence Day and My Birthday
Sweet Tooth Central <3
Today during our tour of Carlos Paz we stopped at a local, restaurant and had lunch before visiting Che Guevaras home. The place we stopped for lunch was very lovely. Upon entering I saw a lovely case of pastries and desserts that would calm anyone’s (More)
Clubbing in Argentina
Talking Politics
I don't have a picture for this blog post, but tonight a few of us sat around and talked politics. I enjoyed being able to hear about everyone's varying opinion! It's nice to be around people who are willing to share, not shut down and learn in the p (More)
Following orders and mass killings
Thursday, May 23rd, 2019, we went to La Perla, a detention center in Colectora, Malagueño, Córdoba and there we witnessed the remnants of a detention center which was seemingly cleansed of the secrecy of the abuse and violence against the people (More)
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