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Don’t Cry for Me Argentina...or Córdoba?
Although the movie Evita was good, I did not know what to expect when I came to Córdoba, Argentina. From the picture, the city is (More)
The man in the striped shirt
When i first saw this picture in D2 I personally was reminded of the striped pajamas that people in concentration camps in nazi Germany wore, and I interpreted this image as emphasizing the many similarities between nazi Germany and the military junt (More)
It Could Have Been You
Seeing this small memorial in the law school in Cordoba struck a certain chord in me. It shows multiple pictures of people that were disappeared during Argentina's dictatorship, and in the center is a mirror that's just the right size for a similar p (More)
Madres de Plaza de Mayo
When touring Cordoba and seeing all the street art, we came across this series of murals of a woman with her eyes covered and then anot (More)
City under Terror
These are the unsung of the terrors of Argentinean enforced repression regimes of the government. Though those who survived could tell the story of their experiences to the world, it could not compare to living through the horrors someone from th (More)
The Corridor of D2
During our time in Córdoba, we visited a memorial site called D2. One part of the exhibit that really stood out to me was this her (More)
Visiting D2
On Tuesday, May 21st, we had the opportunity to visit one of the secret detention centers used during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. D2 is a conspicuous building in an alley between a church and a government building in downtown Cordoba. Given its proxi (More)
Remembering the desaparecidos at D2 and La Perla
Visiting D2 and La Perla in Córdoba were solemn, humbling experiences that left me speechless and overwhelmed with emotions, as can be expected when visiting any historic memory sites with such gruesome and horrifying pasts. At D2, there is a room f (More)
Beautiful Irony in La Perla
  Driving up to La Perla, the most striking thing was the absolute beau (More)
Blackness In Argentina
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