The Woodruff Arts Center: A Juxtaposition of Architecture and Community

Woodruff Arts Center, Midtown, Atlanta

The Woodruff Arts Center is located in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. The center was built in 1968 by award winning architect Richard Meier. Robert Woodruff, who was a main benefactor for the site, intended to pay homage to the art and civic leaders of Atlanta and provide programs for youth and their families. Although the center was built with the intention of building community it does appear to exclude the lower class and homeless.

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The Woodruff Arts Center has several  modern design elements such as sleek geometric architecture and and digital environment. The digital environment within the exterior of the center displays upcoming events, sponsorship, and other intriguing information to attract ongoing traffic. In the video, the digital environment and the exterior coexist to attract its intended users through visuals and graphics.

Woodruff Arts Center Exterior


This is an image on the entrance of the High Museum of Art/ Woodruff Arts Center located in Midtown. The architecture of the center is modern and geometric. This design on the center can be intimidating because it appears to cater to the middle and upper class despite being easily accessible on public transit.