Unit 4 Assignment 2

www.justfacts.com Topic: Free Speech
Currency The most recent topic is from a few months ago published in October 2018, so although it is not relatively far it has been revised and edited, it isn’t current to this year, so it isn’t a current research. The links found in the article are functional to use.
Relevance Out of many other choices this topic has a great amount of breadth and depth. This is a topic that is still spoken about in the media till this day and provides answers about Free Speech. I would use this article as a source of a research paper.
Authority This site provides credentials and qualifications on their about page and the organizations who sponsor the program (Cengage Learning, PBS, etc.) although the domain of the website ends with the “.com” extension.
Accuracy This website is accurate since it has proper citations and references to real events.
Purpose Their Mission Statement is to publish credible comprehensive documented facts about public policy issues.
www.factcheck.com Topic: Trump Is Wrong About Fact-Checkers
Currency The topic was posted February 12,2019; therefore, it is a current topic. It does have functional links
Relevance The topic is about Donald Trump, Health Care, and Insurance, which are very common topic spoken amongst people and the media these days.
Authority This site’s domain is a “.org” and is a non-profit organization. I don’t believe this site has much authority since there aren’t many credible sources. The author is Lori Robertson.
Accuracy This website is more obscure since there aren’t any proper citations in their articles. The tone of the article seemed bias towards defending Fact-Checkers.
Purpose Their Mission Statement states they are “consumer advocates” that measure the factual accuracy of their sources from ads, debates, and speeches to increase public knowledge.

Unit 4 Assignment 1 Part 2 Meta Search Engines, Topic: “Dog barking” OR loudness

On the Meta Search Engines, I noticed a significant amount of similarities between each search engine. They had almost the exact same links as previous meta search engines. I think this is because Meta Search Engines all use other search engines and so they must be using similar search engines to find results. Dogpile and Webcrawler had the most government and educational official websites, while metacrawler had the least educational websites.

www.dogpile.com Derpibooru – Official Site
We would like to show you…
  WAVE – Official Site
Dozens of WAVE Country schools closed due to frigid temperatures.
  WBTV – Official Site
A senior official with the US Department of Veterans Affairs
  Municode Library
MunicodeNEXT, the industry’s leading search
  NuTone – Official Site
NuTone’s Central Vacuum is the quietest and..
www.webcrawler.com Derpibooru – Official Site
We would like to show you a description
  WAVE – Official Site
Dozens of WAVE Country schools closed due to frigid temperatures.
  WBTV – Official Site
A senior official with the US Department of Veterans Affairs
  Municode Library
MunicodeNEXT, the industry’s leading
  NuTone – Official Site
NuTone’s Central Vacuum is the quietest
www.metacrawler.com NuTone – Official Site
NuTone’s Central Vacuum is the quietest
  Influenster – Official Site
Influenster | Product Reviews,
  Trumbull County, Ohio: Online Auditor – Home
Online Real Estate and Property Search. Address
  Animal Care and Control – Los Angeles County
We (the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control)
  County of Fresno | Home
February CalFresh benefits to be issued early for most EBT clients.

Unit 4 Assignment 1 Part 1 Search Engines,Topic: “Dog barking” AND loudness

I didn’t notice many similarities in the search engines portion, at least not between the links, but I did notice that the links were, for the most part, all relative to each other and the topic. I think because they have different search algorithms that is why there aren’t many similarities between the search engines. On Yahoo search engines I got mostly e-commerce websites, Google and Bing had the most articles.

www.google.com Decibel Level of a Barking Dog | Cuteness

https://www.cuteness.com › … › Learn › Behavior › Decibel Level of a Barking Dog


1.    If you want to compare the loudness of a dog’s bark to some ordinary sounds, consider that a sewing machine is around 60 decibels — the same loudness as a “starting point” bark.



Neighbour records barking dog and plays it back at full volume …



Aug 27, 2010 – A man recorded the sound of his neighbour’s dog barking and played it back to her full blast in the early hours of the morning, a court has …


  Why the noise of barking dogs is so upsetting and harmful to the …



The sound of frequent barking would change the essential experience of making and watching the show, just as the dog barking next door changes the essential …


  Amazon.com : Electronic Barking Secure Watch Dog : Camera & Photo




Rating: 3.4 – ‎99 reviews

Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector,Pir Wireless Human Body Doorbell,Home …. Easy to use: basically plug in, adjust the volume and range controls, set which 



Bark (sound) – Wikipedia



1.    A bark is a sound most commonly produced by dogs. Other animals that make this noise … Dog barking is distinct from wolf barking. ….. University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers identifiedvolume, pitch, tonality, noise, abrupt onset and .




Dog Barking Sound – Free Shipping on Qualified Orders

www.Amazon.com · Site secured by Norton

Amazon.com has been visited by 1M+ users in the past month

Free Shipping on Qualified Order


2018 Dogs Barking Sound – Shop Pet Supplies


MammothShopper.com has been visited by 100K+ users


Brain train your dog – Raise you dog’s IQ | dogiqtraining.com


Turn your dog into a Genius..


Dogs Barking Sound effects – Soundboard.com – Create …


Big hound dog barking. Crazy dog growling and barking.


DOG BARKING | Sound Effects [High Quality] – YouTube


When A Couple Took In This Pregnant Dog,


How Loud Is a Dog Bark? | Reference.com

www.reference.com › Dogs

How Loud Is a Dog Bark? A dog’s bark can be between 60 and 110 decibels or more in volume. … volume. Noise levels in kennels can be between 95 to 115 decibels


What Kinds of Dogs Bark the Loudest? – Pets


In general, the bigger the dog, the bigger the bark.


How loud can a dog bark in decibels? – Quora


How loud can a dog bark in decibels?


Best Anti Bark Device : 17 Best Dog Barking Deterrent …


If you want to have a good experience


dog barking loud – alibaba.com


A wide variety of dog barking loud options are available to you, such as free samples.

Unit 2: Assignment 3

Tool Inventory    
1. Task 2. Tools 3. Reason
You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper. Google Slides/Adobe Spark Google slides is free and easy to use. Adobe Spark allows for creative space. Google Slides has easy visibility to anyone who wants a link to the slides.
The final exam for your economics course is coming up, and you need to collect all of your (and hopefully your classmates’) online resources for a study guide. Google Drive/Skype Google Drive allows anyone with a shared link to help edit the study guide. There will be more minds collectively working on it. Skype is available for most window machines and useable for Mac machines also.
You need to create an interactive tour of Berlin as an assignment for your study abroad program. Google Earth/YouVisit Google Earth is a simple and free to use program that anyone with internet can access and makes virtual tours easy to create. YouVisit also does a great job of Interactive virtual tours that even give detailed information of locations.  
You and a group of your classmates have been asked to do a collaborative research project on how Facebook has affected the social habits of young adults. Slack/GroupMe  Slack provides people with easy online interaction with collaborative projects. Slack is also a free tool for students. GroupMe is widely used by most students so it is familiar and simple to use.

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