Annotated Bibliography 7

Phillips, Ryan. “Georgia May Soon Lift Ban on Food Stamps for Drug Felons.”ABC News. ABC News Network, 26 Apr. 2016. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.

In Ryan Phillips article, “Georgia May Soon Lift Ban on Food Stamps for Drug Felons, informs us that Governor Nathan is signing Legislation on Wednesday which means Georgia is opting out of the lifetime federal ban for food stamps for convicts. This decision is suppose to help convicts not return to prison. So by giving them this assistance it should at least help some from going back to prison. The ban on food stamps for felons was started back in 1996 by Bill Clinton. But the bill says states can opt out whenever they feel as they need to. So, that’s what Georgia did. According to the Department of Corrections, Georgia releases almost 20,000 convicted felons a year.¬†Of course, they’re some guidelines and qualifications for a convicted felon to be approved for SNAP (Food Stamps). But starting July 1st all the accepted felons will have access to SNAP benefits.

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