Built Environment Description: World of Coca Cola

World of Coca Cola has always been a place I wanted to go ever since I heard about it as a child!  It’s a family oriented place and it’s just so much fun. You’ll learn a lot more than you think you will. World of Coca Cola was first opened on August 3rd of 1990 at Underground Atlanta, it then moved an opened in Pemberton Park on May 24th, 2007. It was built so the heritage and story of the Coca Cola factory could be known to many people all over the world. The entire building is filled with various artifacts dating back to 1900s. It’s an entire room dedicated to numerous of coca cola products and documents. It has a more modern feel once you enter the building. It has two floors and each one has so many different cool exhibits. Most of the time it’s packed because everyone wants to see why everyone is always so hype about visiting the World of Coca Cola. Mostly everything in the building was either red, black, white, or silver. But that’s expected because Coca  Cola is known for their red especially. And I can’t forget about the Polar Bear! The polar bear itself has some history as well. The bear first came into play in 1922 in France. He was seen periodically for about 70 years but once 1993 hit he became famous for the ad “NorthernLights”. He’s been on board ever since then. World of Coca Cola is a friendly environment. It’s a place for family, friends, couples, school field trips, etc. It’s a fun place you should visit in your lifetime.

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