Annotated Bibliography 5

Perdue, Wendy Collins, Lesley A. Stone, and Lawrence O. Gostin. “The Built Environment and Its Relationship to the Public’s Health: The Legal Framework.” American Journal of Public Health. © American Journal of Public Health 2003, Sept. 2003. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

Built environments and public health goes hand in hand. The way the environment is built and design it can affect a person’s health. Beginning in the 1900’s hundreds of thousands of workers were crowded in unsanitary places resulting in many diseases and caused them to spread. And in today’s time it’s still basically the same way except we have more space. Public health advocates help with the design and layout of cities and buildings to help improve the public’s health but they specialize in the legal framework. They have to have some type of understanding of the legal system to be somewhat successful on cutting down diseases and sickness through people in public places.

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