Making Bathrooms More “Accommodating”

Bazelon, Emily. “Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 21 Nov. 2015. Web. 15 Feb. 2016.

In Emily’s Bazelon article, “Making Bathrooms More Accomodating, discusses the most sex-segregated area: bathrooms. Bathrooms are separated and identified by pictures. The men restroom has a man on the door and women has a woman on the door. Society knows not to enter a bathroom if you’re that sex. But what about transgender people? Which bathroom should they enter? The one where they feel like they don’t belong or the one where people tell them they don’t belong? This is a topic that truly needs to be discussed with everything going on in society.

Back in November of 2015  Houston rejected a broad equal rights movement which protected against discrimination in work places and housing. Opponents of this movement created hateful t-shirts and ads titling the campaign,”No Men in Women’s bathrooms” they nicknamed this the “bathroom ordinance”. Most schools accept the idea of transgender identity and try to accommodate these students. But some schools still hasn’t decided rather or not that the transgender can shower with the gender of their choice.  For an example, a student at a school in Illinois didn’t let her share a girl’s locker room although she had identification as a female they still refused. They sent her down the hall to use a separate bathroom from the others. Her parents filed a civil complaint against the school and the school just responded that it’s due to “privacy concerns”.  This is a prime example how schools are still skeptical about freely letting transgender students just enter certain sex segregated places. Bazelon uses the word accommodate a lot in her article and it has a purpose. Accommodate is a latin word meaning, “to make fitting”. Therefore although many people disagree with transgender reasons society is trying to accommodate and try to make them feel as comfortable with life as possible. According to Mara Keisling, “Having a civil society is all about accommodation. Any relationship demands that.” Transgenders have been the ones accommodating  due to society norms they can’t really act how they actually feel due to probably being discriminated against.

Bazelon compares this transgender issue to discrimination against religion and disability because this also things that certain people in society doesn’t accept or looking down on which isn’t right. With transgenders they’re still not fully accepted. Although, gay marriage is legal now, many people still don’t accept it and that’s probably how transgenders will be. The problem is that most people can’t accept that they were originally born with the opposite sex body part. Although the transgender sees themselves as the sex that they became to some people they’ll just see them as the sex they were originally born. Accommodation is a good tactic for this issue. For disabled people in bathrooms they have bars and buttons to assist with entering and using the toilet. For transgender kids they’re trying to accommodate by having them get undressed behind privacy curtains but in the same sex area and also showering near them. Although this is a slight adjustment, it’ll probably go further once society starts accepting it.

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