Built Environment Overall: Ormewood Park

Although this wasn’t my first time visiting Ormewood Park due to my job being right near it, but this was my first time actually seeing Ormewood Park as more than a neighborhood. The neighborhood was originally a settlement for the Creek Indians back in the 1820s. They were eventually kicked off and was later settled by white families. This area was also known for trolley service. That’s how the neighborhood got it’s name. It was named after Aquilla J. Orme (Atlanta Electric Light and Trolley). The neighborhood has many different sites besides houses. It has schools, day cares, churches, and other buildings for the community. The sites didn’t just jump out at me, but it’s hard to find either. A typical cruise through the neighborhood would lead you directly to most of the sites I documented. I felt as if I knew where ¬†I was going and what exactly I was looking for when in reality it was the complete opposite.

Ormewood Park is just a very peaceful neighborhood that seems to welcome everyone. The key element that stood out in every place I visited was the diversity. Signs saying, “Welcome”, “Come in”, “ALL Welcomed” that’s just a very inviting gesture. The houses are also diverse. In my “Houses” post I mention how none of the houses are alike. They have different types of styles. I’m so used of seeing houses who look identical it was kind of cool seeing houses that were so different from each other. ¬†Another key element is it’s very children orientated. Like for example, the schools and day cares. Most neighborhoods don’t have those things in it. It’s almost as of the neighborhood is protecting the families and providing them with their essential needs.

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