Annotated Bibliography 3


“Occupy Atlanta to Confront Police over Homelessness.” CBS 46. WGCL TV, 13 Nov. 2011. Web. 05 Feb. 2016

Occuply Atlanta has a soft spot for homelessness and stands up for them. Atlanta police were patrolling Central Ave ledge which is filled almost in it’s entirety of homeless people back in 2011. Capitol police were deciding to evict the current residents of this ledge a couple of days afterwards. Members of Occupy Atlanta said they would stand by the residents if police apply any force to the homeless. They went further and gathered lawmakers and activists to stand up against the cruel treatment of the homeless afflicted by the police. Regardless of the efforts from the Occupy Atlanta, Capitol police still want the people gone. According to two of the homeless, they said this is just how Atlanta treats their citizens who have fallen on their luck. Senator Vincent makes a point about how officials are so concerned about their self image and is forgetting their job as helping and serving people.

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