Annotated Bibliography

Segura, Liliana. “Facing Execution at 72, Georgia’s Oldest Death Row Inmate Exposes Death Penalty’s Racist Roots.” The Intercept. The Intercept, 31 Jan. 2016. Web. 05 Feb. 2016.

Facing execution at 72, Georgia’s oldest death row inmates exposes death penalty racist roots, Brandon Jones.  A man named Marcus Marcum was fascinated by the inmate. He started to read articles of his and soon got in contact with him. They started to exchange letters and instantly connected. They both were searching for one thing: Redemption. In 1966 Marcum shot and killed his father with a rifle due to the domestic abuse against his mom. He got five to life, but pleaded guilty and was let go and go back on the right track. He went to college and eventually got into law enforcement. On the other hand, in 1979 Jones and an accomplice robbed and killed a white man of a convenience store. They both denied shooting him, but both were sentenced to life and death. Marcum and Jones stopped communicating for a while until recently and Jones tells Marcum he’s sentenced to die on February 2nd. Segura mentions multiple cases where white offenders are let go and not sentenced to death as where multiple black people got sentenced to death. Recently, his four children visited his father for the first time in decades. They share a moment and his children pray that they don’t lethally eject their father.

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