Annotated Bibliography 2

“Students: Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs.” Live Well. NHS Heath, 20 Aug. 2014. Web. 05 Feb. 2016.

Compared to the general population students are more likely to do drugs, drink alcohol, and smoked due to peer pressure and local bars. College life usually involves alcohol in some sort. Although occasional drinking may be fun at the moment, but drinking too much can have serious effects on the body and impact studies for school. Smoking is another major thing that students are usually pressured to do as well. Smoking cigarettes as we know can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. Some students think that smoking before exams and major assignments will relieve them and help them calm down but it actually does the opposite according to medical studies. It makes you anxious and stressed due to the nicotine. Lastly, the number one thing that college students try is marijuana. Although students say it helps with stress and anxiety, it doesn’t. Just like cigarettes and alcohol it effects your performance in school. With knowing this knowledge students need to be careful and consider the risk of doing these three things when approaching college.

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