Nearing the end of our trip

As soon as I walked into our usual classroom, it began to hit me again that I am about to leave Brazil. I was also feeling uneasy presenting our project, especially in front of the Brazilian experts. Contrasting the definitions of public and collective health is a challenge and I was not feeling confident. Professor Eduardo Mota was the only one that came to observe our presentations (I hope he liked our presentation). The first presentation on “The Genesis of Collective Health” practically summarized every bit of information I was going to present. I am not going to lie, I felt a bit relieved to know that my interpretation of collective health was similiar to theirs. The second group also presented the same material, which got me even more nervous to present my material. By the time we presented, everything was repetitive and redundant (definitely not feeling good). Once it was our turn to present, we were very crunched on time. Despite my nerves, the presentations done by my peers were excellent and representative of everything we learned! Overall, I can confirm that every one of us had grown tremendously in our education on the Brazilian healthcare system. I felt that despite the busy/hectic schedules and lack of sleep we each had an enrichment of experiences that will turn us into AWESOME public health practitioners. The various ideas and driving force that was brought to table by each group showed the dedication we all have in making healthcare more accessible (with increased quality) for everyone around the world.

Practices in Collective Health (only good pic I have)

Practices in Collective Health (the only good pic I have)

For lunch we all went to “Restaurante Aconchego Da Zuzu”. Professor Mota and Clara also joined us. The meal was muito delicioso! It was a semi-buffet style, but was served in clay pots. The type of food that was served was “Bahian food”. I am already feeling sad knowing that I am not going to be eating yummy Brazilian food for much longer. Brazilian food has yet to disappoint me! The flavors and soul put into each prepared dish also amazes me. I also feel much healthier eating here than I do back in the states. Can I bring home a Brazilian cook with me?

The food was served in Clay pots

The food was served in Clay pots

Group photo at Restaurante Aconchego Da Zuzu

Group photo at Restaurante Aconchego Da Zuzu

I came home and took a 3 hour nap. Estou muito cansada! A good handful of us decided to go enjoy our last remaining nightlife here in Brazil. Our plan is to meet up at a Brazilian friend’s place to mingle. I am definitely excited and looking forward to this interaction. Nightlife in Brazil is definitely something I am enjoying and getting used to. There is so much culture here; I love it. I am going to miss it ridiculously. Cryfest round 2.

Turnout of the mingle event… to be continued…till then boa noite <3



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