Day 1 in Salvador Brazil

We arrived in Salvador, Bahia Brazil safe and sound, and hungry! We needed to get checked in and settled, but food was on our minds. My first reality check was when I attempted to exchange money at the Airport. Myself and the lady behind the glass both spoke, shrugged, smiled, and said I don’t understand. It was a funny moment, but I knew there would be more encounters like that. She held up the calculator with the exchange amount displayed. I was thankful for the simplicity of her cooperation.

As we made our way to town, we took in the scenery. The land had greenery all over, including a bamboo archway that extends the equivalent length of a few street blocks. When we made it to the historic district, I realized that drivers drove on the right hand side, just like the US. Also, there are several extensive walking bridges for people to pass over main roadways safely. I’ve scene a couple of walking bridges here and there, usually by transit stations in the US, but feet apparently do a lot more walking in Brazil than in Georgia come rain or shine. When we finally made it to our day 1 destination, I ate good and napped hard. Beautiful and enthusiastic are the two adjectives I would use to describe day 1 in Salvador. My biggest limitation as of day 1 is the language barrier. I hope that by the first day of Portuguese class I can remark to people about how highly I think of Salvador, without turning to google translate first.

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