When I first looked into booking the travel to Brazil, I tried to find the least expensive tickets with the fewest connections. Ultimately, the trip that appealed to me the most was a trip from Atlanta to Salvador with a stop in Rio de Janeiro. This trip was not the shortest trip but it had … Continue reading SSA-GIG-ATL

Kindness creates public health connections

“The measure of a civilization ultimately comes down to how people treat each other. Kindness is the basic ingredient.” These words were recently spoken by Bill Foege, former CDC director, humanitarian, and one of the most inspiring people I have known. My first few days in Salvador were filled with kindness—both observed and experienced—and I … Continue reading Kindness creates public health connections

A Mosquito is Not Stronger Than a Whole Country

What an interesting time to be in Brazil!  The Brazilians are facing many challenges, yet in the face of adversity they continue to smile and look for the best in their situation. We started our day with Professor Maria Gloria Teixeira, the “rock star” of mosquito-borne illness in Brazil.  Professor Teixeira published the article in … Continue reading A Mosquito is Not Stronger Than a Whole Country

Celebrate Every Day

Today began like any other: a delicious breakfast, a bumpy van ride to the Institute of Collective Health, and some top-notch Brazilian coffee. As the day progressed though, it became one of the most impactful for me in our short time spent here in Salvador. Our morning lecture from Professor Darci Neves Santos was on … Continue reading Celebrate Every Day

Orixá’s Pantheon

This is an amazing experience!!! Today was yet another adventure for the books. Our lecture was unexpected but very interesting. Dr. Federico Costa discussed the environmental and social determinants of leptospirosis in Brazil. Leptospirosis was very new to me before today but he offered a lot of insight on the issue. It’s very saddening that … Continue reading Orixá’s Pantheon


After our action-packed weekend of adventures in Lençois, today started out a bit more low-key. This morning we had a lecture at the Institute of Collective Health from Professora Monique Azevedo Esperidião; she discussed the history of Brazil’s United Health System (SUS) and the role of social participation and social control in SUS. Based on … Continue reading Crossroads